The Sunderland Trip

The Sunderland Trip

Lyrics by Joe Wilson


Peg and me made up our minds to have a trip one day.

So onboard of a boat for Sunderland

Down the water made our way.

But, oh when we got out to sea,

Poor Peg began to throw,

And to see the tears run down her cheek

Would have melted a heart of snow.

She said, are we there, or at Tynemouth or Shields?

I can’t wait to get on dry land

For I think I’ll fall out of the boat where I sit

For I cannot for all the world stand.

Ay, wor Peggy’s a caution, a caution ye’ll agree,

And I’ll never forget the Sunderland trip

When Peggy went with me.


At last we both got safe on land and Peggy’s clothes made dry

By the kitchen fire in a public house as she stood heaving a sigh

Then arm in arm I went with Peg up High Street right away

And all the folks they stared at Peg – she’s not one you’ll see every day

When in the Park among the flowers, She say, ‘Man this is grand

And heaven will surely be like this – if they take in the Bobby’s band’

Then after we’d been an hour in the park,

In Bridge Street we made a stop

For Peggy declared for the good of her health

She would just have another wee drop.

Then higher up the town we went to have a really good tea

‘Its nearly as good as I make myself’,

says Peggy while winking at me.

Then we set off again for a walk round the town

As we made up our minds for the train

For Peggy would never get back on the boat

– She felt like she’d gone down a drain.