Fire Station verse

The verses on the panels read, in sequence:


Children of Biscop’s

Land Survey

A place of ships, coal and glass

On the hills of Tunstall

Canny decent working class

Never ones for bragging

Or for the idle boast

You will never meet finer folk

Than those from the Barbary Coast.



Friday night on the town

Mackem chests

Swell with pride

A round of drinks for half a crown

The FA Cup comes to Wearside

Built the ships, dug the coal

Sat on the steps of the Dogs and Cats

Fought the wars

Signed the dole

Hankies tied in knots for hats.



Sucked on Spangles, chewed liquorice root

Rocked around the clock till 2

Five bob for dad’s new suit

The Beatles and Love Me Do

Sunday morning down the club

Just for a little taster

A bag of pork scratchings

As we laugh at the Little Waster.



Progress seems to run amock

At an ever increasing pace

Whatever happened to the town hall clock

And what took its place.

The ships, the pits, the glass all gone

Like the sweets once sold in jars

Sunderland a place of learning once more

Of manning phones and making cars.



Whatever may lie in store

Whatever dye may have been cast

Sunderland moves forever forwards

Whilst learning lessons from the past.

The wheel has turned full circle

The time foretold has come

Proudly we face the future together

Bequeathed to us by the Venerable One.