Pretty Girls of Sunderland

Pretty Girls of Sunderland


As I walked up Sunderland Streets,

It was upon a Monday eve;

About the hour of ten o’clock,

As a nigh as I could then perceive,

I soon espied two pretty girls,

Links in each others’ arms, O,

And soon as them I did espy,

My blood ran quick and warm, too.


So we rolled along, and sweetly sung,

To the pretty girls of Sunderland.


I stepped up to those pretty girls,

And found them kind and loving, O,

So I took one of them by the hand,

I found her pulse was moving, O,

I said, my dear be not afraid,

You see I am a Sailor, O,

I am looking out for a ship my lass,

To go on board this evening; O.


She said, young man what do you mean,

Pray tell me where your cargo lies,

What makes you rove the streets so late,

I think the town is full of spies;

I said, my dear, be not afraid,

We’ll have a pint the best we can,

With all my heart, my sailor lad,

And you shall have what you demand.


We went straightway unto an inn,

And ran up stairs like thunder, O,

Which put the landlord in surprise,

And made the house to wonder, O,

I then call’d for the landlady,

To bring a pint of brandy, O,

And fill us up a flowing glass,

By Jove she was my Dandy, O.


I then fill’d up another glass,

Saying take this, and so begone,

She tapp’d me on the back and said

I believe you’re up-to-snuff, young man;

I see that you’re a sporting blade,

And on shore have lately come,

To sport and play your time away

With the pretty girls in Sunderland.


She said, young man; what is your name,

And to what port do you belong;

I believe you are broken loose,

The town is now a very throng;

I am a sailor as you say,

And to Newcastle I belong,

And if ever you come that way my dear,

To find me out you can’t go wrong.


So we rolled along, &c.