2013 seminar

Monday 8th July

Angela Smith

Why live? The persistence of live tv in a digital age.

Tuesday 9th July

Martin Montgomery

Liveliness versus deadness: generic constraints and the roles of hesitation, pausing and silence in the conduct of broadcast talk.

Greg Myers

Laughter in Radio Interviews

Mats Ekström

Ask the doctor: Negotiating expertise and ordinariness in advice giving on television

Jan Chovanec

Recontextualization of broadcast talk in online journalism

Göran Eriksson and Åsa Kroon Lundell

Talk and interaction on tabloid TV

Shen Jin

Co-narration in TV Broadcast Chat Show

Wednesday 10th July

Michael Higgins

The accountability interview and international journalism.

Andrew Tolson

‘Televisuality’ and modern political oratory

Joanna Thornborrow

‘What is there to like’? : The production/performance of conflict in Reality TV shows Love it or List it and 4 in a Bed.