2003 seminar

Ross Priory, University of Strathclyde

12th – 15th October | Mostly news and current affairs


Monday 13th October

Ulrike Meinhof

“Malagasy music and live audiences in differentiated cultural contexts”

Espen Ytreberg

“Developing Goffman’s concept of scripting for media research”

Martin Montgomery

“Scripted versus ex tempore talk: the case of Andrew Gilligan”

Anne Marie Simon-Vandenbergen and Chris Bulcaen

“Dealing with the extreme: How participants in a TV news interview deal with political extremism”

Andrew Tolson

“Escalating arguments in BBC’s ‘Question Time'”


Tuesday 14th October

Andrew Hoskins

“‘Up Close and Personal: Talking Embeds'”

Shoshana Blum-Kulka

“Witnessing or moral witnessing? The case of media coverage for Jenin 2001”

Peter Lunt and Richard Fitzgerald

“Circles of relevance”

Paddy Scannell

“Telling News in Tilling”

Terry Threadgold

“Images of Dangerous Men and a Predilection for Numbers: Constructing the Media Discourse on Asylum”

Tamar Liebes

“Anwar Sadat (1977); Osama bin Laden (2001): The transformation of media events”

Joy Sisley

“Mediated News and Translation”