2012 seminar


9th – 11th July | ‘Post-Talk Talk’: New Forms of Public Communication

Tuesday 10th July

Andrew Tolson

“Pre talk talk”: scripted performances of BBC Political Editors 1987/2010

Stephanie Marriott

‘Inventing the News: The American Networks and the Assassination of JFK’

Martin Montgomery

‘Post-talk talk’: do comments on online news constitute a new form of public discourse?

Joanna Thornborrow

“Post talk talk”: YouTube posts and audience engagement on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

Arnt Massø

Expanding and enhancing the ‘live’ music experience: Analyzing streaming and social media behavior before, during and after a festival

Mats Ekström, Göran Eriksson and Åsa Kroon Lundell

Sociability, superliveness and interactional imperfections: Audience orientation in web broadcast news

Kay Richardson

Media genre and political culture in Britain

Wednesday 11th July

Galia Hirsch and Shoshana Blum-Kulka

The Identification of Irony and Reaction towards it in News Interviews

Mats Ekström and Richard Fitzgerald.

“Are you hypnotized?”: Extended Repetitions in Political News Interviews.

Erica Huls

Neutrality in Broadcast News

Michal Hamo

“I have nothing to do but agree”: The reciprocal positioning of journalists and experts in broadcast television news discourse

Greg Myers

The Dalai Lama’s Laugh

Michael Higgins (Chair)

Workshop: Changing forms of Broadcast News

Thursday 12th July

Trudy Haarman

Making over dogs? Talk and host-participant interaction in The Dog Whisperer.

Angela Smith

‘Making a drama out of a crisis: Crimewatch as entertainment TV’