2015 Seminar




‘Shifting forms of public participation’

 6 – 9 July 2015

Ross Priory, University of Strathclyde



 Tuesday 7th July      


Martin Montgomery – Silence in broadcast talk: talking for fun and talking in earnest ‘on the air’.


Andrew Tolson – The celebrity politician revisited: Nicola Sturgeon in the UK  TV Leader Debates (Election 2015)


Dan Angus – Computational methods for the study of television audience   participation in the social media era


Greg Myers – The General Election Seven-Party Leaders’ Debate in Twitter  and Wikipedia


Jan Chovanec – Between ‘reliving’ and ‘replaying’ history: The shifting  formats of time travel reality shows


Angela Smith – “Evening all! *dashes in at the last minute*” The creation of community in public participation media.


Kate Ames and Jacqui Ewart – ‘Disaster talk for television: Connecting with community via live broadcast’


Wednesday 8th July


Åsa Kroon Lundell – Second screen sociability


Michael Higgins – Getting personal in the political interview, and where it can all go wrong: an example from India Times Now’s “Frankly Speaking with Arnab Goswani”


Richard Fitzgerald & Joanna Thornborrow – ‘I’m a scouser’: Location as membership categorisation in  the 2015 UK Election Call phone-in


Mats Ekström – Renegotiating the mainstream: News interviews with the  Swedish Democrats in the election campaigns 2014


Stephanie Marriott – JFK (tbc)