2000 seminar

30th August – 1st September | Genre and Innovation

Greg Myers

“Images, Talk and Distant Suffering”

Martin Montgomery

“The Ali G Show”

Shoshana Blum Kulka and Tamar Liebes

“When does a story take off? The dynamics of scandals in the media”

Nik Coupland

“Genre reflexivity”

Louann (Trudy) Haarman

“Televised Trials: Generic Modes”

Kay Richardson

“Revisiting the 1960s: creating the genres of Current Affairs Television. A case study of Granada’s ‘World in Action'”

Andrew Tolson

“TV and Radio Coverage of Live Events”

Joanna Thornborrow

“Watching Big Brother: some observations on being observed”

Ian Hutchby

“Witnessing: the use of first hand knowledge in legitimating opinions on Talk Radio”