2011 Seminar

Certosa di Pontignano, Siena.

July 10 -13

Martin Montgomery

“Norm, variation, canonicity and change in the accountability news interview”

Mats Ekstrom:

“Audience involvement and the expanding forms of election campaign interviews”

Joanna Thornborrow and Trudy Haarman

“Europe over the fence: The stories EU member nations tell about each other”

Åsa Kroon

“The Warm-Up: Pre-TV in the Post-television Era”

Göran Eriksson

“‘See the error of your ways’: Popular expertise on lifestyle makeover television”

Kay Richardson, Katy Parry

“New genres for new audiences”

Data Workshop 1

Andrew Tolson

“Moments of truth: telling it like it is on The Jeremy Kyle Show”

Angela Smith

“Evasion and ignorance: the usefulness of live two-ways and the embedded reporter”

Paddy Scannell

“The Phenomenology of News: Telling news in Tilling”

Marianna Patrona

“‘We change or we sink’: the discursive construction of the voter’s dilemma in a pre-election interview with the prime minister”

Alison Duguid

“Doing distance locally and getting up close globally: the balancing act of transnational news channels”

Michael Higgins

“Political populism and the 2010 UK General Election leaders’ debates”
Data Workshop 2

Shen Jin and Martin Montgomery

“News presentation: expressiveness versus neutralism”

Tanya Romaniuk

“What’s so funny?: Interviewee Laughter in Broadcast News Interviews”

Closing Roundtable

“Broadcast talk in post-broadcast production/communication: theoretical and methodological perspectives in broadcast talk research”