2016 seminar


24th Ross Priory International Seminar on Broadcast Talk

Hellenic Army Academy

Athens, 8-9 September 2016

Seminar Programme


Thursday, 8 September

Welcome and introduction to this year’s seminar theme:

Crisis and the media: mediated representations of crisis in different contexts’  Marianna Patrona

“I put myself in the place of the audience”: an ethnographic case study of audience design in a debate about a crisis.  Marcel Burger

Citizens’ voices and the problematic relationships to political institutions Mats Ekström and Andrew Tolson            

“Down Your Way”: Ethnographic vox pops in contemporary TV news  Andrew Tolson

Contestations of crisis, solidarity and human rights in media debate about the refugee issue  Marianna Patrona

The threat of the other: The discursive management of ‘toxic guests’ in political debates  Jan Chovanec

Sincerity, authenticity and broadcast sociability: the case of First DatesAngela Smith

Friday, 9 September

Journalistic Questioning and Sociopolitical Change: The Case of Marriage Equality in the U.S. Steven Clayman


Interviewer style and question formats in French TV interviews with mainstream and far right politicians: a case study from ‘Des paroles et des actes’ (Words and Deeds), France 2  Joanna Thornborrow


The management of political talk in a “character” interview  Michael Higgins


Changing interview practices in the age of web TV or just an innocent poke prank? Åsa Kroon


“I love Tim Howard’s beard”: Humour and expertise in football talk on the web  Göran Eriksson


Comic relief in times of social tension: Representations of the Greek crisis in television comedy Georgia Aitaki

Round table discussion: seminar themes and findings; suggestions for further research, events and publications