2010 seminar

Bertinoro, Università di Bologna, Italy

11th – 14th July | Diachronic Perspectives on Broadcast Talk

Reporting practices in news discourse

Trudy Haarman and Alison Duguid (joint paper)

“Evaluation and affect in broadcast news”

Michael Higgins

“Kate Adie’s reporting in 1986 and 1996: changes in journalistic practice”

Angela Smith

“Kate Adie’s reporting in 1986 and 1996: changes in journalistic practice”

(Michael and Angela will give individual but complementary papers on this topic)

Interviews and questions

Andrew Tolson

“Interviewer strategies in UK election interviews 1987-2010”

Martin Montgomery

“From Interview to Argument in the Broadcast News Interview: Changing Questions and Questions of Change”

Erica Huls

“Political bias in TV interviews: a co-construction of interviewers, interviewee and overhearers?”


Richard Fitzgerald

“‘You slept with her didn’t you’. Enticing an arguable on the Jeremy Kyle Show”

Journalist as ‘expert’/self reflection

Mats Ekstrom and Ǻsa Kroon (joint paper)

“The evolution of the journalist as expert on television news”

Michal Hamo

“Self-reflection in broadcast television news discourse”

Broadcastable Talk

Paddy Scannell

“How to talk on television (Person to Person, CBS 1953)”

Kay Richardson

“Unbroadcastable talk”

Joanna Thornborrow

“Election call: from 2001 to 2010”

Shoshana Blum Kulka, Tamar Liebes and Zohar Kampf (joint paper)

“Too hostile, too deferential: The discourse of public complaints and media response”

Moments extraordinaires

Arnt Maasø

“Exploring the extraordinaire moments in live music.”