2018 seminar

26th Ross Priory International Seminar on Broadcast Talk

16-18 July 2018

Ross Priory, Loch Lomond

‘Publics, Politics and Media Discourse/Broadcast Talk’

Tuesday 17 July

Joanna Thornborrow – “Some may say…“: The ‘public’ as a third party source for question design in political interviews.

Jan Chovanec – New faces of populism: Political self-presentation on Facebook

Zohar Kampf – “Do you condemn?” Negotiating power relations through (in)direct Q&A design in ethno-political interviews

Andrew Tolson – The Politics of Non-Standard English

Wu Xiaoping and Richard Fitzgerald– “Hidden in plain sight”: Expressing political criticism on Chinese social media

Angela Smith – Slow TV: the mesmerising antidote to political maelstroms


Wednesday 18 July

Michael Higgins – Performances of political masculinity across new and old media

Martin Montgomery – Towards a theory of ‘broadcast talk’

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