2001 seminar

18th – 20th September | Old Media/New Media

Andrew Tolson

“‘Liveliness’: the scripting of liveness in reality TV”

Paddy Scannell

“The phenomenology of disaster narratives in television news”

Martin Montgomery

“Making sense of disaster”

Greg Myers

“Election night and Wednesday morning”

Stephanie Marriott

“Garbage in, garbage out: attributing the news when the news goes wrong”

Ulrike Meinhof

“(Re) constructing ‘World Music’ for UK audiences: BBC 3 radio, the web and the return of Andy Kershaw”

Trudy Haarman

“Online conversation for the nation”

Joanna Thornborrow and Richard Fitzgerald

“New form, old context: dealing with emails in Radio 4’s ‘Election Call'”

Espen Ytreberg

“Therapy as play and play as therapy: the juggling of life dilemmas in a Norwegian youth radio programme”

Christine Leishman

“Sincerity, Authenticity and Performance on the first Big Brother”

Theo van Leeuwen

“Globalisation and localisation: vocal style”

Claire Walsh

“Gender and the genre of the political broadcast interview”

Tamar Liebes

“Talking to friend and foe: TV interviewing in conflict (1)”

Camelia Suleiman

“Talking to friend and foe: TV interviewing in conflict (2)”

Kay Richardson

“The Regional Century”