2006 seminar


Stephanie Marriott

“Positive non-commitment”

Lilie Chouliaraki

“The Spectatorship of suffering on television news”

Andrew Tolson

“Rubbish at it? Tony Benn interviews the interviewers”

Martin Montgomery

“Normative properties of television news as public discourse”

Tamar Liebes and Zohar Kampf

“Speaking with the public, to the public, about the public, at war”

Arnt Maaso

“Addressing multiple publics: bridging the chasm between the interpersonal and mediated”

Greg Myers

“Making it private in radio diaries”

Kay Richardson

Michal Hamo

“‘I wasn’t looking for some slogan’: language use on reality gamedocs”

Richard Fitzgerald

“Two axes of communication in talkback radio: some techniques of building community and delivering politics agendas through public access media”

Joanna Thornborrow

“Questions and institutionality in public participation broadcasting”