2020 seminar

In view of the global pandemic, we have been creatively using technology to bring participants together across time zones, continents, and platforms.


Ross Priory 2020

Covid-19 Special


Tuesday 7th July

11am GMT+1

Welcome – Martin, Michael and Angela

Paddy Scannell – Language, Media and Culture


Wednesday 8th July

11am GMT+1

6pm Macau

Alice Wu and Richard Fitzgerald

“Passing the whistle: The life and creative afterlives of a controversial article through WeChat public accounts”


Angela Smith and Michael Higgins

“BBC Question Time and Second Screen: the medium or the message after the belligerent turn.”


Thursday 9th July

11am GMT+1

12pm CET

Jan Chovanec

Over-performing an apology in follow-up sports interviews.


Martin Montgomery

“Populism in performance: Trump on the stump and his audience”