2005 seminar

18th – 21st September


Adam Jaworski

“Generating News: Agenda Setting in Radio News Broadcasts”

Andrew Tolson

“Political Discourse in TV News: Talk, trust and the end of ideology”

Martin Montgomery

“Towards a typology of news interviews”

Joanna Thornborrow

“In between news interview and ‘chat’: irony, performance and celebrity radio interviews”

Nik Coupland

“Recovering from frame breaks”

Espen Ytreberg

“Goffman, broadcast talk and scriptedness”

Shoshana Blum-Kulka and Mihal Hamo

“The importance of doing keying: Broadcast talk from a Goffman-inspired Perspective”

Tuesday 20th September


Peter Lunt

“Title: In Between Theory and Practice: therapeutic discourse in ‘Little Angels'”

Trudy Haarman

“Versions of news: human interest news versus real news”

Justine Coupland

“‘Thought for the day’”

Arnt Maasø

“New Talk to Old Images: considering dvd commentary as ‘broadcast talk'”

Ib Poulsen

“The transformation of feature programming on Danish radio during World War Two”

Tamar Liebes

“The voice of Jacob: Orality and the revival Jewish culture”

Kay Richardson

Wednesday 21st September


Stephanie Marriott

“Live Television: Ontology and Affordance”

Yngvar Kjus

“Host address & liveness in the television song contest ‘Idol'”

Helle Haastrup

“An Evening at the Academy Awards – Film Culture as a ‘Live’ Media Event”

Paddy Scannell

“Love and communication”