2002 seminar

16th – 18th September | Liveness

Greg Myers

“The Eclipse: Liveness and the Making of a Non-event.”

Adam Jaworski and Richard Fitzgerald

“Breaking news: TV reporting of 9/11”

Martin Montgomery

“Liveness in the News”

Trudy Haarman

” Live exchanges between news presenters and correspondents”

Paddy Scannell and Kazue Sakamoto

“International television soccer coverage and the management of liveness: a comparative study”

Stephanie Marriott

“Space, time and the event”

Andrew Tolson

“Aunties bloomers: the production of embarrassment in news interviews”

Arnt Maasø

“Surveillance and mis-en-scene of talk in Big Brother”

Joanna Thornborrow

“The management of gossip as live talk on Big Brother”

Kay Richardson

“Pain and politics in broadcast talk”

Anne Marie Simon-Vandenbergen

“Prosodic and paralinguistic realisations of roles in talk shows”

Peter Lunt

“The Gerry Springer Show as an Emotional Public Sphere”

Helen Wood

“Liveness as a participation framework: the popularity of Richard and Judy”

Shoshana Blum-Kulka and Tamar Liebes

“Loss of Control in Live Broadcasting: Towards a Typology”

Paddy Scannell, Martin Montgomery and Joanna Thornborrow

“Years of ‘Broadcast Talk’: Retrospectives and Prospectives”