2009 seminar

Ross Priory, University of Strathclyde

13th – 16th September | Belligerence in Broadcast Talk

Monday 14th September

Andrew Tolson

“Language and Class revisited: the case of Jade Goody”

Angela Smith

“Big sister TV?: humiliation, bullying and banter in make-over programmes”

Åsa Kroon

“Does the absence of belligerence kill critical news broadcasting?”

Martin Montgomery

“Broadcast news: from  interview to argument”

Ian Hutchby

“Going ballistic: The interactional organisation of belligerent talk in hybrid political interviews”

Mats Ekstrøm

“Hybridity as a resource and challenge in political interviews”

Tuesday 15th September

Erica Huls

“Do interviewers’ questions reveal political bias”

Steven Clayman

“Heat-seeking questions and political marginalisation”

Gøran  Eriksson

“Negotiating political personas: Interactive performances in “popularised” interviews”

Gael Villeneuve

“What does ‘getting indignant with each other’ mean in live television debates?”

Michael Higgins

“Gordon Ramsay and narratives of fury”

Kay Richardson


Wednesday, 16th September

Richard Fitzgerald and Carly Butler

“The Limits of Authenticity in Media Interaction: Slipping through the fabric through slips of the tongue.”

Joanna Thornborrow and Trudy Haarman

“Backstage behaviours as frontstage news in diplomatic summits”