We host our SunRAE conference to provide the opportunity to share and discuss research in the international context.

Tuesday 7th June 2022 | Live 10am to 3pm UK time

Please check the time zone where you are based if you are planning to join live at any point. The conference has two streams: a live stream and a pre-recorded stream. All live sessions will be recorded and uploaded as soon as possible afterwards so that everyone will have access to everything asynchronously.

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Final Conference Programme

Live sessions will be recorded and made available as soon as possible afterwards

There will be some flexibility in live sessions if sessions run a little late. Please be aware that all live sessions will be recorded for later uploading. Cameras and microphones should remain switched off unless presenting.

TimeLive Sessions (all recorded)Pre-Recorded Sessions and Links
Part 1 video – 10am to Noon
10:00 Opening session with Dr Elizabeth Hidson – slides
– Welcome video from Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor
– LIVE launch of the SUNRAE podcast
– LIVE review of podcast episodes 1-7
– LIVE launch of newsletter issue 2
– 10:30 LIVE Shanghai Participatory Action Research presentation – slides
Welcome videos
– Podcast season 1 launch on Anchor.fm.
Newsletter launch – issue 2
11:00LIVE keynote speaker – Dr Colin Forster, co-author of ‘Action Research for Student Teachers’, plus time for Q&A – slides
12:00LIVE presentations
Part 2 video – Noon to 2pm
12:00 LIVE keynote from Greg Macur, alumnus, PPT and author of ‘Teaching English: A Practitioner’s Guide’ plus time for Q&A – slides
12:30 Employability presentation – Mark Hughes
Pre-prepared material
13:00LIVE Assessment-Only Route to QTS presentation – Ian Elliott – slides
LIVE Review of posters
LIVE TeachMeet
Uploaded posters
Uploaded TeachMeet video
14:00LIVE launch of the SUNRAE journal
Part 3 video – 2pm to close
‘Writing for the Journal’ workshop with Dr Elizabeth Hidson – Call for papers
SunRAE journal
14:30Awards, thanks and conference close