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A big part of SunRAE is the open access e-journal where we publish PGCE work in a range of formats. The journal is dedicated to encouraging and showcasing applied research carried out by teacher researchers, early-career researchers, and student teachers. Accepted, peer-reviewed articles are published in the journal. We anticipate that research work carried out on our PGCE programmes, which form the basis of the assignments submitted for each of the modules, will be the main source for the journal submission. Staff who wish to submit may have carried out research for higher degrees, and we would expect that this research has been approved by a university or an institution where the research has been carried out, in order to ensure ethical oversight.

We see action research, where teachers learn more about their classroom practice and enrich their pedagogical competence by reflecting on their work, solving problems and making evidence-based improvements for their own practices and contexts as a fruitful topic for a submission. This is most likely to be work from module EPDM97 on the PGCE Education or PGCE with iQTS programmes or EDPM09 on the PGCE Early Years Teaching.

We also see case studies of school-based interventions and evaluations of the way that learning is developed as useful research into international practice. This is most likely to be work from module EDPM01 on the PGCE Education and PGCE with IQTS programmes or CHSM08 on the PGCE Early Years Teaching.

We publish our conference proceedings in the first issue of each volume of the journal. Issues 2 and 3 of each annual volume are case study and action research articles. Articles are added periodically throughout the year, as the process of peer review is completed.

Writing for the SunRAEJournal

To support our trainees and graduates in their ongoing development as research-informed educators, we hold workshops on ‘Writing for the SunRAE Journal’.

This is the latest ‘writing for the journal’ workshop, held as part of our 2023 SunRAE conference.

Recording is <45 minutes.

Please also see the Call for Papers, which provides submission instructions.

Volume 2 (2023) – Issues 1, 2 and 3

Volume 1 (2022) – Issues 1, 2 and 3