Another area where we share ideas about education is through our SunRAE podcast channel.

In this podcast series, teachers share their reflections on teaching and research, fresh from the chalkface or digital canvas! We ask our guests about the issues they wanted to tackle in their teaching, and what they found when they looked around at practices in their schools. We ask what reading may have inspired them and what advice they have for others.

We also have episodes featuring interesting insights and conversations with some of our PATs, PPTs and mentors who have a wealth of experience in education and teaching. We are always interested in talking to colleagues who have something interesting to share with our community, so if you have a colleague with insights in education to share, please direct them to us!

All those who take part in a podcast meeting will receive a personal letter of commendation for sharing their learning.

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Episodes Now Live

Guests and topics include:

  • Episode 1: Sarah talks about using metacognition to improve listening skills in Spanish language acquisition classes in a Hong Kong secondary school.
  • Episode 2: Current PPT and graduate of the PGCE IDL programme, Greg, talks about his online teaching, research and his exciting new book project, based on his work in primary schools in China.
  • Episode 3: Andrea talks about her hypothetical assignments on interventions for primary students with ASD and positive behaviour for learning in maths.
  • Episode 4: Zoe talks about implementing behaviour management strategies for Year 1 students in a primary school in Germany.
  • Episode 5: Laurence talks about his use of an interactive online reading scheme to provide extrinsic motivation to increase daily reading time with Grade 2 ESL students in a primary school in China.
  • Episode 6: Nathalie talks about a case study of’ Heggerty Bridge the Gap’: an individualised pull-out phonemic awareness intervention for Year 2 pupils at an international school in The Philippines. She also talks about her ongoing action research into peer-assessment with Year 3.
  • Episode 7: Melissa shares her hypothetical inquiry into teaching reading at KS1 using Jolly Phonics in Brunei Darussalam. She also talks about being able to apply this to her current placement in China, as well as starting her behaviour management action research.
  • Episode 8: Ross talks about a reading interention with 7-year-olds in a Qatar primary school. Ross’ findings inspired him to continue looking at teaching inference in reading for his action research.
  • Episode 9: Christina talks about differentiated instruction in the classroom, teaching English to Year 9 in a secondary school in Egypt.
  • Episode 10: Noha talks about a phonics literacy intervention for Year 2 pupils in a PYP international school in Lisbon.
  • Episode 11: Melissa talks about her action research into gross and fine motor skills with her kindergarten learners in Japan.
  • Episode 12: Yi Lu talks about using a differentiated learning routine List, Write, Draw to engage Grade 4 Students in a Hong Kong primary school.
  • Episode 13: Ashu in Hong Kong talks about the importance of reflection on teaching as part of his development over the course of his PGCE.
  • Episode 14: Jenny wanted to focus on something that might enhance engagement for more able students in a Shanghai bilingual school and explored a hypothetical extracurricular school magazine enrichment programme
  • Episode 15: Justine talks about a pull-out EAL intervention for Key Stage 5 mainland Chinese students in a Hong Kong secondary school.
  • Episode 16: Sara talks about maths interventions, which were running each week in homework lessons with a Year 4 group in a Dubai British Curriculum primary school.
  • Episode 17: Puja talks about her KS4 behavioural intervention case study, and her peer feedback in KS3 maths action research in a secondary school in UAE.
  • Episode 18: Chat with a PAT – Graham Turner shares his experience in education
  • Episode 19: Chat with a PAT – Vikki Wynn shares insights into her learning trip to Reggio Emilia in Italy
  • Episode 20: Chat with a PAT – Dr Lynda Dalkin shares her insights and experience in education
  • Episode 21: Wael talks about his experience of the PGCE, his case study on dyslexia interventions and action research on teaching more able French speakers in his French lessons.
  • Episode 22: Richelle talks about her action research into teaching critical thinking through questioning when reading with her early years students.
  • Episode 23: Joe talks about his case study research in a primary school in Tokyo, looking at the way teaching assistants have been used for interventions.
  • Episode 24: Saray talks about her research in a Hong Kong secondary school – EAL intervientions for her case study, and adaptive teaching for her action research.

Episodes in Production… coming soon

Want to take part?

Share your learning – talk to us about your case study or action research for our growing podcast series!

  • We have always enjoyed reading our trainees’ case study and action research assignments, which give us great insight into the excellent work going on in schools and classrooms around the world.
  • We’d love to capture some of this great work through our programme podcast series and are looking to schedule volunteers to talk about either their action research or their case study (perhaps even both!)
  • If you would be happy to talk for a few minutes about your PGCE research, we’d love to hear from you. What did you find when you did your action research? What did you read that inspired you? What advice would you give trainees starting out on their research? All of this would be fantastic to talk about.
  • All those who take part in a podcast meeting will receive a personal letter of commendation for sharing their learning.
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