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Events Management books

Tips for Finding Events Books

Most events books are shelved at 394.2 which is upstairs at St. Peter’s Library, however, some events books may be shelved at other numbers if they are also about other subjects, for example a book...

Spotlight on resources

Finding Event Management Journals

University Library Services subscribe to many journals that are relevant to tourism, hospitality and events. We’ve got a My Module Resources list to highlight the essential titles but if you’re an events management student...

Today is World Tourism Day

A search on Discover for the keywords ‘Accessible Tourism’ brings back 44,346 journal articles and the World Tourism Organization e-resources library provides some free ebooks that we’ve listed on the UNWTO resources list including:

Hotel and Restaurant

Join the Institute of Hospitality

The Tourism, Hospitality & Events department of the University of Sunderland are members of the Institute of Hospitality. If you’re a T.H.E. student at Sunderland this means you can join the institute for free...


Access to research at public libraries

Did you know that in addition to accessing journals through the University of Sunderland Subscriptions, you can also access journals through public libraries? Many public libraries participate in a scheme called Access to Research....


New World Tourism Organization Report

UNWTO Affiliate Members have published a new report on the transformative power of tourism. It is freely available to download. There are lots of UNWTO publications available to you and we’ve listed them all...

Image: Air travel

New global travel briefing from Euromonitor

What factors are influencing tourism demand in 2016? The latest Key Insights report from Euromonitor Passport provides the latest market research (including statistics and analysis on topics such as Brexit, travel sales, and mobile...


Euromonitor webinar: The new consumerism

Watch this free webinar exploring the rise of the “New Consumerism”, a term coined by Euromonitor to describe the changing priorities and values of today’s consumers. This shift in attitudes, driven by trends such...