Articles from the latest issue of Hospitality & Society

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The most recent issue of the journal ‘Hospitality & Society’ (Vol.9, Issue 3 Sept 2019) is a special issue on the theme ‘Hospitality in a changing world’.

We’ve highlighted a few articles below but to have a look at all the articles in this issue you can go to: Hospitality & Society Vol 9 (3)

Sunderland lecturers Dr James Johnson and Dr Ian Morton have co-written an article that is published in this issue about planning for public spaces:

For those interested in service quality, service experience and brand experiences the following articles will be of interest:

González-Torres, T., Pelechano-Barahona, E. and García-Muiña, F. E. (2019) ‘Service experience in hospitality firms from a network perspective’, Hospitality & Society, 9(3), p. 375

Beka, R. and Cenko, E. (2019) ‘How does the way we design hotels influence consumer brand experiences’, Hospitality & Society, 9(3), p. 331.

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