Latest Market Research for Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism

Latest Market Research for Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism

University of Sunderland Libraries have 3 market research databases which can provide a wealth of data and analysis on industries, companies and consumer trends. 

As Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism (HEAT) students market research databases can provide you with lots of useful information that you can use when writing your assignments. In this post we’ll share some info about each database and highlighting some recent data that will be of interest to HEAT students.

Euromonitor Passport

Do you want to know the value of attractions and experiences in the Czech Republic in 2018 or how much international tourists spend while shopping there? These are just a couple of examples of the types of data you can find on Euromonitor Passport.

The Euromonitor Passport database is a great resource for HEAT students because it contains:

  • industry data
  • country reports
  • global reports assessing key industry trends
  • company profiles
  • expert analysis.
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Recent research from Euromonitor Passport

City Travel Briefings: information on tourism strategy, domestic and inbound tourism performance, lodging and a SWOT analysis.

City Travel Briefings published in 2019 include: Cancun, Jaipur, Milan, Agra, Rome Bangkok, Prague, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Briefings: Reports on markets and trends

  • World Overview for Travel Transportation (Oct 2019)

A report reviewing major trends in the global transportation sector with a major focus on airlines. Sections include smart cities and sustainable transportation.

  • World Market for Lodging (Oct 2019)

A report reviewing factors affecting the hospitality sector including the demand for ‘unique experiences’.

  • Changing the Mindset – Travel and Accessibility (Aug 2019)

A report looking at the growth of accessible travel. How are destinations and brands embracing principles such as universal design?

  • Consumer Foodservice Global Industry Overview (Jul 2019)

A report assessing the current state of play including how investment in delivery and online ordering has affected the industry.

Webinar: The Future of Airline Distribution

This webinar looks at how new technologies are transforming the way air travel is sold.


IBISWorld provides industry reports. The focus of the database is UK industries but there are some global reports too. Each report has some key areas including the industry at a glance, products and markets and the competitive landscape.

Recent research from IBISWorld
  • Global Airport Operation
  • Airports in the UK
  • Global Tourism
  • Hotels in the UK
  • Holiday Accommodation in the UK
  • Libraries, Museums and Cultural Activities in the UK
Market research


The Company profiles on MarketLine provide key facts such as the address of the head office, company revenue and number of employees. Reports also include major products and services, a SWOT analysis, and top competitors. For HEAT students this may be airline companies, hotel chains or travel companies.

Examples of Company Profiles on MarketLine
  • British Airways
  • Expedia Group Inc.
  • Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc
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How to access?

You will need to access the market research databases via the A-Z list of databases on the library web page.

Database A-Z

Find the database you want in the list, click the link and login when prompted.

Screenshot of Euromonitor on A-Z list of databases

You will find the databases have help sections with guides or videos to help you search them.

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