Give your eyes a break, and listen to your reading instead

After doing most everything – socializing, lectures, essays, projects, entertainment – on the screen, could your eyes use a break?

I’m going to suggest two methods for listening to your academic reading with a text reader.

1. Using Adobe Read Out Loud

This 5 minute video shows you how to listen to a library ebook using “Adobe Read Out Loud”. It starts with how to search for an ebook, but if you want to skip that bit, start at 2:10.


2. Using Immersive Reader in OneNote

If you have an ebook chapter or an article that you would like to have read aloud to you, you can paste all the text from the document into OneNote and activate the Immersive Reader. This tutorial from Microsoft shows you how to log in to OneNote and how to activate the Immersive Reader.

This video will show you how to start from the library’s homepage to find an article and then copy and paste the text into OneNote’s Immersive Reader and change the settings to read aloud in your chosen language. Skip to :47 if you want to see only the bit where you put it into OneNote.

Immersive Reader is new to me, so it might be cropping up in unexpected places (like the top of each Canvas page). If we see more uses for it in the Library, we’ll share them here.

If you’re interested in more features like this, check out Hilary’s post on using coloured overlays and read out loud features with library materials.

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