CASS Public Lectures and Working Papers

Centre for Applied Social Sciences

Did you know you can find copies of the University of Sunderland’s CASS Working Papers series on a specially dedicated page on the website? CASS working papers were set up in 2016-17 and are peer reviewed. There are two different types of papers; 3 000-word papers in response to a local, national or international event and 5 000-word papers focusing on theoretical/empirical research.  The CASS (Centre for Applied Social Sciences) team published the first papers in 2017 and also launched a public lecture series simultaneously. The CASS Public Lecture Series has its 2017/18 and 2018/19 lectures listed on the website too.

You can find CASS papers on SURE the university’s research repository. Alternatively you can find the CASS Working Papers through the library search page. Just ensure you’ve clicked on the Research Repository button on the library home page.

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