Who’s researching what?… Drew Dalton

You might know Drew as the programme leader for BA/BSc (Hons Social Sciences, but he’s also module leader for a number of social sciences modules.  He also supervises dissertations across a number of programmes.

Drew’s own research has focused on North East social attitudes towards people living with HIV and public knowledge of HIV transmission, as well as the life histories of people living with HIV in the UK, and the effects of the UK government’s austerity cuts on HIV charitable organisations.

Positive Allies logo

In addition to this, Drew has developed a new HIV charter mark, ‘Positive Allies’, in partnership with the University of Sunderland and ‘Live HIV Neutral’ to ensure that UK employers, and organisations with volunteers, demonstrate they are ‘HIV friendly’ and non-discriminatory in their employment practices toward people living with HIV.

You can find many of Drew’s research projects on SURE, and on his staff profile page.

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