Thursday 8th June 2023

  • Streamed live from 10am to 3pm UK time via MS Teams.
  • Hybrid conference format with a live stream on the day, a virtual session space and all materials available as soon as possible afterwards.
  • Please check the time zone where you are based in order to join live.
  • Access the virtual conference hall now.

Time Zones

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VietnamHong Kong
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Conference Programme

UK timeConference event
10:00Conference welcome
Opening session
Greg Macur presentation – leadership and teacher development
11:00Lorna Caputo-Greenall presentation – multilingualism in international schools
12:00Joanna Kolota presentation – supporting multilingual learners
James Royal presentation – motivation, metacognition and self-regulation
13:00TeachMeet live session
– Writing for the SunRAE journal
– Closing remarks and conference close