COVID-19 – Building Back Better



This week we have come up trumps with a range of topical reports on inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic for those of you studying Childhood Studies. Health and Social Care, Sociology and Inequality and Society.

First take a look at Build Back Fairer: the COVID-19 Marmot Review which refers back to the inequalities identified in the Marmot Review and its 10 Years On report which was highlighted on last year’s March blog post. This report moves it on by unpicking inequalities brought to light during the Coronavirus pandemic and proposes how to reduce them. There is a YouTube video to watch on the page. You will find the executive summary as well as the full reports on each of the reviews’ pages.

The Fawcett Society have also released a report on inequality in pay UK at a “Coronavirus Crossroads on Gender Pay. Read the highlights in the news release.

All of last week the Rethink programme was running on BBC Radio 4 in the morning focusing on Fairness and how the Coronavirus pandemic can kickstart a way to build a better society for the future. The programmes look at education, health care, regions, wealth and generations. You can catch up with episodes on BBC Sounds as well as through the programme page. Don’t forget you can also access these through BoB and make your own playlist.

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