Guidance and Latest Practice Advice for Social Work



Studying Social Work? The Social Care Institute for Excellence has been updating guidance and releasing webinar recordings which are useful for keeping you up-to-date with practice:

Risk Identification and Virtual Interventions for Social Workers.

Building Rapport and Establishing Meaningful Relationships Using Technology in Social Work.

Reablement: a Guide for Carers and Families (updated).

Impact of Easing Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions on Domestic Violence and Abuse (updated).

Webinar Recordings
Digital Innovations in Care Leavers’s Services – you will need to register online to view the recording.

Matching Interventions and People Рa Decision-making Tool to  Establish the Best Means of Working with People.

You can listen to podcast recordings on either the Soundcloud or Spotify.

Don’t forget there is a Covid-19 hub area Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for Social Care which brings together all the guidance and and advice for working during Covid-19.

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