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Childhood Studies and Early Years

Are your completing our BA (Hons) Childhood Studies? Or if not are you interested in childhood development and well-being? Did you know that on 21 January the Duchess of Cambridge launched a survey by the Royal Foundation to gather feedback and opinions to help improve outcomes for children under the age of five?

The survey is UK-wide and focuses on:

  • what has an influence on child development.
  • which area of childhood has the most significance for childhood happiness.

Responses are welcome from any one – no matter whether you are parents or not.There are only five questions to answer. You will find the survey on the 5 Big Questions page.

The survey aims to start a conversation that will inform individuals, businesses and organisations give children the best start in life. You can read more about Kate’s project and the survey questions on the BBC Kate Launches Childhood Survey to Help Under-fives webpage. If you would like to take part in the survey make sure you complete it by 21 February 2020.

Take a look at the books we have on child development for the early years over the past 10 years and on happiness/well-being. Don’t forget you can click on eBooks under the Collection heading to look at the electronic material we have:

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