New Journal issues for Tourism, Hospitality & Events

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Journal issues can be published at different intervals, some are monthly, orthers may be quarterly or even annually. We’re nearly halfway through the calendar year, and nearing the end of the academic year so we thought it was a good opportunity to look at a few of the latest journal issues for tourism, hospitality and events.

The latest issue (Vol.21, No.2 (2017) focuses on sports events with articles on creating public value, service quality and value and community benefits.

Vol. 25 (17) is a special issue on Marketing for Sustainable Tourism which includes several articles on social marketing, and effect of guest behavior.

Vol. 56, Issue 5 (2017) includes articles on technology and customer satisfaction, economic impact and tourist/resident wellbeing.

Vol.63 (2017) includes articles on factors affecting hotel performance including national culture or organisational culture.

You can access all of our subscriptions via Discover (from the Library web page) or learn more about how to find resources for your subject on the Tourism, Hospitality and Events Key Resources page.

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