Are you making the most of JSTOR?

JSTOR is a digital library covering economics, history, political science, and sociology. It includes other key fields in the humanities and social sciences too. The database holds over 1,500 academic journals, books, and primary sources.
As a University of Sunderland student the library provides access to JSTOR, so you don’t have to pay for a thing. If we don’t have free access to an article you wish to read, you can request a copy via our Inter Library Loan service.
To access:
Search JSTOR in the Databases A-Z on the library homepage
Are you making the most of JSTOR?
In addition to the usual search functions you find on most databases, JSTOR has introduced a ‘topic browsing’ function. You can browse for more articles on the same topic as an article you find interesting. Most articles will provide a range of similar topics for you to select and view. Perfect for when you’re getting to know a subject area and want to explore a little further.




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