Our World in Data – free resource

Our World in data is a free to access, non-profit website that presents data and research on global trends. Research can be viewed by topic, and some examples of topics that may be of interest to tourism, hospitality & events students include: Tourism, Population, Food, Environment, Technology, Growth and Inequality, and Urbanization and other work life issues.

The visualisation (right) is an example of what you will find on ‘Our World in Data’ and shows the changing nature of international tourist arrivals by world region. Another topic within the tourism data inlcudes the safety of aviation which may be of interest to students who will be enrolling on the new aviation programmes next year. Gastronomy students might find the data on Food useful such as food prices and alcohol consumption while students interested in human resources and leadership may find the data on working hours, and happiness and life satisfaction relevant.

There is also a SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Tracker which presents data on all the goals from the Our World in Data database.

Our World in data graphic: international tourist arrivals by region
Max Roser (2019) - "Tourism". Published online at OurWorldInData.org. Retrieved from: 'https://ourworldindata.org/tourism' [Online Resource]

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