Changes to British Standards Online document security

black letters bsi on a white background

British Standards Online have recently added an extra layer of security to their documents.  Please refer to the BSi website for full details or, read on for the summarised version.  BSi documents are now protected by FileOpen, a document rights management solution utilised by publishers, corporations, universities and governments worldwide to protect their digital assets from copying, piracy, and unauthorized sharing.

What does this mean for you?

You will need to install a plug in called FileOpen on your device if you want to open documents from BSi.  If you are using your own device and have not done so already, you should install FileOpen.

Staff and student laptops and the desktop computers on campus already have FileOpen installed but you will still need to check the browser settings of the device you are using to make sure you can access PDF’s.

The default PDF viewer on campus computers is Edge, which doesn’t support FileOpen.  You need to actively choose to open documents in Adobe, either by right clicking and selecting “Open With” or by opening Adobe first.  Further details of how to do this for Edge and other browsers can be found in this guide How to access PDFs using the FileOpen Plugin



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