Latest journal issues for tourism, hospitality and events

There have been some really interesting journal articles published so far this year that are very relevant for students on tourism, hospitality and events students at Sunderland. On today’s blog we’re going to take a quick look at just a few of the key tourism, hospitality & events journals.

You’ll find many more journal articles by searching Discover via the library web page.

Journal Title:
Tourism Geographies

Vol. 21 Issue 1 (2019) is a special issue about Tourism Places in Asia. Students interested in heritage and Asia will find the following article in this issue interesting:

Yang, X. (Stephanie), Xu, H. and Wall, G. (2019) ‘Creative destruction: the commodification of industrial heritage in Nanfeng Kiln District, China’, Tourism Geographies, 21(1), p. 54

Journal Title:
Event Management

Events students will definitely want to take a look at volume 23, Issue 2 (2019) which is a special issue focusing on visual methods in events and different. Articles cover topics such as visual representations of place, advertising events and using augmented screenings as a visual methodology.

The first article in the issue provides an overview on this topic:

Pernecky, T. and Rakić, T. (2019) ‘Visual Methods in Event Studies’, Event Management, 23(2), p. 179

Journal Title:
Journal of Sustainable Tourism
Journal Title:
International Journal of Event and Festival Management

Volume 10, Issue 1 (12019)  includes articles on a range of topics including happiness as a value of event organizers, seeking and escaping motivations and festival attachment:

Tsaur, S.-H. et al. (2019) ‘Festival attachment: antecedents and effects on place attachment and place loyalty’, International Journal of Event & Festival Management, 10(1), p. 17

Journal Title:
International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Volume 31, Issue 2 (2019)  includes articles on a wide range of topics, from hotels’ online reputation management to consumers’ and participation in the sharing economy to technology, mobile apps and facebook.

Dimitriou, C. K. and Schwepker, C. H. (2019) ‘Enhancing the lodging experience through ethical leadership’, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 31(2), pp. 669–690

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