Mapping the Borders: making the most of SURE

New on SURE is this fantastic video from Inge Panneels, senior lecturer in glass and ceramics,  and Mike Collier, professor of visual art.

Here’s the abstract:

This short film is a brief synopsis of the walk undertaken on Sunday 19th of November 2017 as part of the Mapping the Borders project.
This walk explored the boundaries of geographical space and explored the notion of geological time with a visit to the Hutton Unconformity just outside Jedburgh town centre.
The walk was lead by Keith Bowey from GLEAD and Mike Collier from WALK at the University of Sunderland as part of Mapping the Borders, a project conceived and developed by Inge Panneels which took part in the Scottish Borders as part the Being Human Festival 2017. The project also included an exhibition of mapping artists, a glass map making workshop and a series of themed Pecha Kucha talks.


I was really happy to see this in SURE; it shows the potential the repository has, and I hope by depositing the video, the authors generate a lot more interest for the Mapping the Borders project.

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1 Response

  1. Rachel Webb says:

    Having this great video on SURE is a fantastic example of the way in which a repository can ‘join up the dots’, bringing together the work our researchers are doing, and really great projects involving partners, to deliver great results, and make the whole thing visible and accessible to the wider world. Brilliant use of all our resources.