Finding Event Management Journals

Spotlight on resources

University Library Services subscribe to many journals that are relevant to tourism, hospitality and events. We’ve got a My Module Resources list to highlight the essential titles but if you’re an events management student you will want to keep your eye on:

Some journals make their content open access

Wider reading
Many journals are cross-disciplinary ¬†so it is always a good idea to do a keyword search of Discover to make sure you’re not missing out on relevant articles in less obvious journals. You’re likely to find articles about events in tourism and hospitality journals, sports journals, and business journals to name but a few. The open access journal ‘Sustainability’ for example, dedicated a special issue to Sustainable Mega Events. You can access this special issue by clicking here.

Stay up to date with journal alerts
Most journals will allow you to create an alert. This means that you will receive an email when a new issue is available – this is great because it can save you time regularly searching your most used journals.

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Other types of events resources
Check the Key Resources page for information on some other resources that you may find helpful, for example you may find the resources provided by the Institute of Hospitality useful – to access them you will need to join as a student member.

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