Where are books for hospitality, events, aviation and tourism?

Do you know where your books are in the St. Peter’s Library?

There are some key areas for tourism, hospitality, events and aviation which we’ve highlighted in a new flyer. These are just guides though – you you’ll actually find there are books that are relevant to you in some other areas too. The best way to find books is to use the Library Search using the search box on the Library web page.and to make a note of the shelfmarks of the books that you want.

Flyer depicting library locations for tourism subjects: Tourism is upstairs at 338.4791, Hospitality is downstaits at 647.94, Events is downstairs at 394.2067 and Aviation is downstairs at 387.7

Don’t forget to check for ebooks too! Not only does that save you having to carry books home but you can access them whenever you need to from your home computer or your mobile device.

Watch the video about how to search for and access ebooks.

tourism books next to a flyer depicting shelfmarks
events books next to a flyer depicting shelfmarks
aviation books next to a flyer depicting shelfmarks
hospitality books next to a flyer depicting shelfmarks

Our books are in numerical order so as long as you know the shelf mark number of the book that you want you can just follow the sequence to find the book.  Any problems finding a book – just ask a member of staff. We’re very happy to help.

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