Resources Spotlight: Covid-19 & Hospitality, Events, Aviation & Tourism

What resources are available?

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An increasing amount of research is now being published on the impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality, events, aviation & tourism industries. Below are a few examples of recently published research:

Open access resources

You can often find statistics and analysis in reports published freely online by professional organisations.

Government Policies Enabling Travel & Tourism Recovery During Covid-19
Published by
 World Travel and Tourism Council (Aug 2021)

Omicron Impact Research Report
Published by Meetings Industry Association (mia) (Dec 2021)

Market & Industry Research


Industry reports include a Covid-19 Impact Update. IBISWorld is particularly useful for hospitality and aviation with up to date UK reports on the hotel, airport and restaurant industries. There is also a global report on Tourism.

Euromonitor Passport

The most recent publication related to the travel industry is the Q4 statement for travel revealing the impact of the omicron variant on travel and tourism. There are also a number of recent recent reports on the hospitality industry

  • Hospitality Front and Centre (Oct 20021)
  • Country reports focusing on travel, tourism, and lodging
  • Next-Gen Technology for Travel Recovery (Aug 2021)

Check the Key Resources page for more guidance on finding different types of sources.

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