Free online course – Inside opera: why does it matter?

Prairie dog singing

How does opera work? How has it changed over 400 years? And most importantly, is opera relevant today? Make a New Year’s resolution in advance and sign up for this free course! The next course starts on 14th January 2019.

Get the answers to these questions and more with this course taking you behind opera’s velvet curtain. If you’ve never been to an opera, or assumed it’s not for you, you’ll learn the basics in a new and exciting way. If you already enjoy opera and want to learn more, this course will enrich your future experiences, helping you to develop a toolkit of operatic concepts to draw on long after you have finished the course.

Now is your chance to explore this diverse and spectacular art form.  The course is for anyone interested in opera and how it works musically and theatrically, whether or not you’ve experienced opera before.

[Text sourced from FutureLearn]

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