I am running two debating societies, one for BA/BSc students and one for MA/MSc students. The reason for this is because you are usually here in the university on different days; in fact you are welcome to join in either group.

The aim of the society is to help you develop your presentation skills, practice English fluency and develop a coherent structured argument. It also means researching a subject you may not know much about and working as a team with other university students. This is a great society to get involved with as it helps you develop really valuable skills for your future career.

Some of our speakers have been very nervous before standing up to speak before their classmates and members of staff but they have taken on the challenge and learnt a lot from the experience. Only by facing your fears can you overcome them – so please come and join the Debating Society and become a confident, effective public speaker. It also gives you something to put on your CV and you can become a committee member to help with organising and marketing the debates.

Debating Society Topics – click here

The subject of the debates are chosen by you the students.

Please come and see Alice McDougall in the Careers Office on the fourth floor library area to find out more. I look forward to meeting you.

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