Dance, Movement and spiritualities – latest issue released

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The latest issue of the journalDance, Movement and Spiritualities‘ has been released. Volume 5, Issue 1 (July 2018)  contains the following articles:

Image, imagination and the social imaginary: Solo improvisational dances of North Africa and the Middle East – Barbara Sellers-Young

Talking to tremors: Somatics in dance, dialogics and silence – Sondra Fraleigh

Shamanic striptease – Mark James Hamilton

Be still and know: Authentic Movement, witness and embodied testimony – Christopher-Rasheem McMillan

From expressions to ecstasy: Understanding the phenomenon of experiential interaction between the performer and audience in dance – Shashi Kiran Reddy And Contzen Pereira

Let the bird fly: Somatic practice and Sufi hadra performance, the embodied experience – Jamila Rodrigues

‘No mind’: A Zen Buddhist perspective on embodied consciousness – Aska Sakuta

If you’d like to read any of these articles, you can request them free through our inter-library loan service.

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