Off Campus Library Welcome & Induction Webinars

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Due to the ongoing IT issues upcoming Library webinars are cancelled. If you need Library Support at the moment contact us on Library Talk

Off Campus Library Webinars 2021/22

The Library can support you online through online videos, tutorials and one-to-one or group online chats to help you make the most of online library resources and to support you in making the most of library resources.

If you have a question about Library webinars, or the Library generally contact us on LibraryTalk or by email:

Learn about the webinars

Webinar: Getting started with the Library (45 mins)

In this online session learn how:

  • to search for and access e-books and journal articles online
  • to obtain book chapters and journal articles if they are not available online
  • the Library can help you develop your study skills
  • to contact the Library if you have questions or need support using resources
Upcoming dates:

22/09/2021 (Wed)  9:30am
28/09/2021 (Tue)   3pm
7/10/2021 (Thur)    9:30am
13/10/2021 (Wed)  3pm

Webinar: Making more of Library e-resources (60 mins)

In this online session learn how:

  • to search for academic journal articles effectively by using a search strategy
  • to make the most of the many features of Library Search.

We’ll consider the range of subject resources available and also briefly look at ways to find open access content.

Upcoming dates:

2/11/21 (Tue)      9:30am
10/11/21 (Wed)   3pm

You might also be interested in watching a recording of one of our past webinars  Advanced Searching for Journal Articles

Webinar: Using Cite Them Right to help you reference (30 mins)

In this online session learn how to access and make the most of Cite Them Right. We’ll briefly discuss how it can help you understand plagiarism and how to avoid it, and how you can use it to reference many types of resources.

Upcoming dates:

20/10/2021 (Wed)    9:30am
23/11/2021 (Tue)      9:30am

How to attend a webinar

You can view the upcoming events on the mini calendar below or visit our larger Library Off Campus Events Calendar.

Click on the event you would like to attend on the Calendar and you will be able to register your place. Once you have registered you will be sent an email with joining instructions.