Job Interview Preparation with SONRU Video Interviewing.  

Video interviewing has increased dramatically in the last five years and 42% of graduate employers are now using this as a method of recruitment.

If you are planning to look for work once you have finished your course, you may well be asked to do a video interview.

We highly recommend that you prepare for future interviews by doing some practice first. Here at the University of Sunderland in London we have teamed up with SONRU, the global leader in interviewing software, to help you develop the skills you need in a safe environment before you do it for real.

What will this involve?

  • a discussion on the types of job roles and industries you are interested in working for
  • you will be sent a link through SONRU and through this, will be asked a range of questions
  • you will need a webcam or mobile device which enables you to record
  • the link will then be sent back to the careers service
  • we will organise a feedback session with you to discuss any changes or improvements

If you would like to do a SONRU video interview, please contact the Careers Service by either calling in to the Careers Office on the fourth floor or emailing:

If you’d like to know more, here is a blog post by Adam Gretton from SONRU: