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I think it is about time we rekindled the WebTeam blog and update you all on a few of the projects we have been up to in the past months we have been away.

We have had a very busy time over the past few months with projects sprouting up all over the place. Some including the new University Tech College South Durham site, the new University Parking Permit system for applying for permits, rolled out new site designs to some of the SLS (Student Learning Services) sites.

UTC Site (

UTC South Durham opens in September 2016 and will be the first University Technical College in the North East. The design of the site was created by a design agency and we the WebTeam were given the task of getting the site working on the Universities CMS Terminal 4. We had to create page layouts and also templates for the site so it could be managed by members of staff at the UTC South Durham.

University Parking Permit

We were approached by facilities to create a whole new parking permit application system from scratch. We were given a time scale of only a few weeks due to the renewal of the parking permits coming up. Scott was straight on the case with creation of the backend system to handle the requests and create a permit ID unique to each individual requester. The data was then required to be exported and emailed to the parking team and then it could be sent to the printers to print the permits.

The front end needed to have 2 separate forms to allow for the Staff/Student application or a non university staff/student to apply for a permit. This was also linked into the Universities AD authentication system so it would generate some of the users details automatically.

The project was finished in the short time scale and rolled out on the 13th August 2015 and has worked successfully for the new permit application period.

New Site Design 

The new Human Resources site design is now live and with other services following the new design the success of the new design is booming, with positive feedback being received regularly. The site is being adapted for many different services and uses. Even being used for a site for the Executive Board. We will continue to roll out the new design as we get time and requests.


With many projects on the go currently keep your eyes open for another post coming soon. 

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