Notes – 15th May

The blog has been neglected for the past few months. So back to it!!

Over the past few weeks we have been working on various exciting projects.

These include;

  • Complete re-design of the ME Page on My Sunderland (going live very soon).
  • Workflow modifications to the Business & Law online assignment submissions project on Web Services.
  • Scott has been working on a new application that will display arrival and departure information for trains and the Tyne and Wear Metro.
  • New Human Resources website has had a new redesign and the team have been learning to write SASS code and then compile into CSS. With the help of new software application called ‘CodeKit’.
  • Dan has been working on a new form for Elite Athletes which stores details into a database and is accessible by staff in WWWAdmin.
  • Re-design of the OpenAthens SSO pages for the Library (getting rid of the non-responsive gradient design. Wooo!!)
  • Creation of the new course search pages is well underway (New Features coming soon. Adil has been working hard on improving the course compare and also build a prospectus. Keep your eyes pealed!!)
  • Dean and Phil have been round the different faculties in the university to demo the new search pages and do user testing with them. This allows us to get reactions and understand what the University wants from the course search. We will be asking more staff and students in the very near future.
  • Quick skin created for the University’s online ePortfolio system by Phil and is now live.
  • Changes to the International Student Support and Gateway websites


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