Notes – 6th March

Work we have ‘Done’ this week

  • The new Human Resources website now links to the what’s on calendar to show any courses or events they are running. It works in IE8 (supporting a six year old browser) and it’s responsive.
  • Course search result pages have been redesigned and are being demoed to marketing this week
  • The Web team annual review report is complete
  • “I’m not a robot” – reCAPTCHA added to several other web forms
  • Exported several thousand posts from the existing SR News, Fashion North and Northern Lights sites ready for import to the new and improved service
  • Created an area on My Sunderland for FES to facilitate Ofsted use

In Progress

  • Investigating how to deliver web content in Chinese via the CMS T4
  • Me area
  • SSO with Abintegro
  • Ensuring the HR website is complies with accessibility guidelines – we are looking into ReciteMe too – which looks very good
  • Ensure appropriate goals are set up to monitor the success of the new site
  • Calls for volunteers to view the HR site to aid our usability tests
  • London Campus Library site colour palette to be applied
  • Investigating/developing a solution for Research to deliver a new Ethics system

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