Notes – 27th February

Work we have ‘Done’ this week.

Only a few new features as the tasks in the current sprint are spread over a few weeks.

  • Yet more forms created
  • Fixed an issue with funnelback where newly created XML collections were being overwritten when a new index was submitted
  • Helped the Students’ Union with some issues they had with students voting online in the SU elections
  • Met with the Head of Finance to investigate solutions for live web chats
  • The team created a new wordpress plugin to allow exiting standalone wordpress blogs/posts/users be imported into a multisite installations. The existing wordpress plugins didn’t quite do this as we needed (we may add it to the WP plugin site, no support though).

In Progress

  • Investigating how to deliver web content in Chinese via the CMS T4
  • Search result pages are being re modeled
  • Me area
  • SSO with Abintegro
  • Web team annual review report is continuing now up to page 34 (it’s a light read honest)
  • The new HR website is nearly complete – just a few programming issues to take care of and the inevitable IE8 problems

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