Notes – 20th Feburary

Work we have ‘Done’ this week.

  • Several forms created for teacher training and pg scholarships
  • Mahara as been upgraded to the latest version
  • The what’s on calendar is now RSS enabled (oversight on our part)
  • Scott created a module for LiveCampus so that London Campus students are automatically assigned any surveys they need to complete once they login
  • All mysql databases have been migrated to the latest version
  • The SR News, Fashion North and Northern Lights blogs are being moved to a new multisite install – advantages being we don’t have to upgrade them individually and we are adding some bespoke developments so that features can be shared across all sites.

In Progress

  • Daniel is creating a interactive map for Alumni
  • Me area
  • Human Resources website redevelopment
  • Online assignment submission enhancements – blind marking
  • SSO with Abintegro
  • Web team annual review report

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